Therapeutic Massage

What better way to practice self-care than through a healing and heartfelt massage? Massage is known to decrease tightness in the muscles, increase circulation, and create a body that is open and flexible.

Swedish Massage

If you’re feeling stressed and need a gentle and meditative massage join me for a Swedish massage that will leave you floating and ready for life’s next adventure. Feeling relaxed allows us to find more mental clarity giving us the freedom to create a more beautiful life.

Deep Tissue Massage

If you haven’t had a massage in a while and can feel the tight knots forming or the tension in your muscles is becoming too much to bare; join me for a deep tissue massage. This massage is for those looking to endure a firmer touch in order to melt away the body’s stress.

Energy Massage

The best of both worlds. Combining Reiki and massage, this healing technique calms the mind and heals the body.

The two most important pieces of equipment you need to do yoga are your body and your mind.

-Rodney Yee.

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