About Me

“I believe we are here to live a life we love! The more we love ourselves the more love we see reflected back to us through relationships, careers, and situations. Loving yourself is fun – so let’s get started!”


– Hannah Marie

Professional Bio

Hannah Marie is a beautiful soul with a radiance that comes from her deep connection to Spirit. Her energy is as abundant and effervescent as it is calming and serene. Her journey as an intuitive healer began six years ago when she enrolled at the New School for Massage of Bodywork and Healing in downtown Chicago. Having always lived an active lifestyle, she appreciates being able to help others feel their best so they can live life to the fullest.


Becoming a Reiki Master/Teacher in June of 2016

Hannah quickly realized the epic transformative qualities that Life’s loving energy provides when we stay open and receptive. After completing her Yoga Teacher training with Shades of Yoga she felt it was time to step up as a leader and mentor for others.

Hannah is elated to share her wisdom with the world. She feels so blessed at the opportunity to support and guide all walks of life on the path to their highest good.

Hannah continues to study a myriad of spiritual philosophies, many forms of meditation, and enjoys working with sounds and aromatherapy to assist in the healing process. She is passionate about traveling, learning, and plans on being a student of life throughout her entire Journey on Earth.

When you find peace within yourself, you become the kind of person who can live in peace with others.

-Peace Pilgrim.

Certified Tantra Facilitator

Certified Dakini Practitioner

Hannah had an exciting spiritual awakening in 2013 that set off a series of events which would include her practicing Sobriety. She realized her personal path could not include alcohol if she was to live Authentically and Express herself in Integrity.

Fully stepping into sobriety she realized how much she valued authentic self-expression and radical self-love. In the past, she had used substances to connect and relate to others; In this new way of living she had the opportunity of removing layers of societal shame as she stepped into complete vulnerability that connected hearts in a whole new way.

The taste of true connection to those around her lead her to the path of Tantra. After 9 years on a yogic path, she had butterflied her way to tantra – the yoga of love – at Agama in Koh Phanang, Thailand. Her experience was so profound she quickly took two more Tantric Facilitator courses in order to support other’s journey back to open Love. Tantra asks us not to idealize love, or to love a concept, but rather to experience Love, and that is why Hannah now practices the Tantric Temple Arts through ceremony, movement, and bodywork.

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