Kundalini Rising

This is a journey into the body. Traveling through the temple – let your breath guide you to the sweetness of your heart’s song – and breathe life into your dreams.

Whatever you have been visioning for your life *is* possible.

What if underneath all of your outdated belief systems — your body and soul knew how perfect you are.

Well, it’s true! When we release old stories and ways of behaving we are invited to our perfection — which is always there! We can quite literally ‘be’ in perfect presence through deep connection to our temple bodies. Instead of letting the mind be in control we can use our minds as a tool to create the life of our dreams.

Are you on the brink of a huge change in your life?

What if extra support and community was the support you needed to break on through to the other side.


Has your heart been whispering to you, speaking about new visions for your life?

Are you ready to live in alignment with your passion and purpose?

I know a few years ago I was dreaming of traveling the world, teaching yoga, and living in the jungle.

I had no idea how I would get there or what even to do to make it happen! Up until that point in my life I had always lived in the US and had always been more comfortable just “dreaming”


Kundalini Rising – March 23 – March 27
Danyasa Eco Retreat and Yoga www.danyasa.com
Dominical, Costa Rica

A Tantric Journey to Consciously Creating your Life

“Stop acting so small. You are the entire Universe in ecstatic motion.”

Brothers and Sisters.
You contain an energy within that is capable of creating life.
Kundalini — or vital life-force energy — is cradled within your root, ready to rise through your body and support you in creating the life of your dreams. When the Kundalini is activated and channeled through the body it naturally obliterates any blockages that you have to your inherent power and truth, reconnecting you to the Source of all life.

Join Hannah Marie in a 4 day and 5 night retreat that will introduce you to Tantra and the Kundalini Life Force while activating your mind, body, and spirit connection so that you can Consciously Create the Life that you desire. It is time for you to live that vibrant life and to share your great gifts with the world. Stop acting so small! Own your power and accept your perfection.

This retreat is the perfect introduction to Tantra and Kundalini work as we will only focus on individual experiences (rather than say, couples work).

  • Get Clear on your Purpose and Passions
  • Connect to your chakra’s with actual activities rather than conceptual information (Breathwork, Dance, Sound, Daily Workshops, Journaling)
  • Relax in Paradise and allow your daily stressors to fall away so you can Hear what your truth is!
  • Use Kundalini Energy to Raise your Vibration and have more energy, more stamina, more vibrancy to actualize your dreams. LIFE is meant to be joyful, pleasurable, and full of passion – give yourself permission and come play!
  • Enjoy 3 high – vibe, rainbow meals a day
  • Daily Yoga
  • Nature Excursion
  • Spa Experience (Massage/Clay masks)
  • Beautiful Pool onsite
  • Shuttle to and from airport included!!

The less time you spend in your head the more time you spend in your body — the easier it is to listen to the innate wisdom within and to trust the subtle sensations that are giving you clear indication of what is best for you vs. what is not aligned with your highest good.

We will work with embodied activities that clear stagnant energy and allow Kundalini to flow freely within your body. We will support this energy’s flow with real-life ACTION to match your inner-landscape and heart’s dreams to your outer reality.

Each of us is born divine. We are powerful creators – imaginative children – that when raised appropriately, can use our energy to manifest and create anything we have ever imagined.



Kundalini Rising

$1,444March 27th

This is a high-quality, low volume retreat. Meaning — more peaceful space to connect to yourself and the other beautiful souls who have heard the call.

$1,444 – single bed in shared poolside room (3 to a room).  All meals, yoga, massages, and shuttle services included. Cost also includes 2 follow up sessions with Hannah via Skype to ensure you are integrating the work into your life – (to be scheduled at retreat).

*airfare not included.

  • $1111 if paid before February 24th
  • $1333 if paid before March 14th
  • $1444 if paid before March 23rd

Arrive on March 23rd between 2pm and 6pm. Departure March 27th before 11 am. Possibility to extend stay for Reiki Certification and/or more vacation time at Danyasa.

Space is limited so please reach out and secure your spot today!

Deposit of $500 is required to secure your room.

Payment Plan available – Please reach out to Hannah personally to inquire.

If necessary and wanting to come in coupleship or with a friend – ask about Super Queen Rooms.

**Chase QuickPay: Hannahk423@gmail.com
PayPal: paypal.me/moonflowermagic
BitCoin: please reach out.

Itinerary (subject to change)
9am – 10am

PLEASE – email or private message Hannah private with any questions regarding the course and payment plans. She also asks for a consultation call prior to retreat to get a feel for what experiences you are ready to move through.

Hannah Marie Moonflower is a vibrant and sensual tantrika whose mission is to support others in weaving their Heaven and Earth together. She is passionate about living a life full of magic, gratitude, and grace. She has a 1-on-1 healing-arts practice that supports others to fully embody their divine, sensual, and perfect nature through spiritual counseling, energy work, somatic bodywork, and yogic arts. She is so excited to come together with you all and share her passion of cultivating Kundalini Life Force Energy and taking focused action in order to consciously create the life you’ve always imagined.

Friday, March 23rd
Arrive between 2-4 pm
4 pm – welcome circle, intention setting, syllabus
What is tantra? What is a Puja? Goddess Meditation
6:30 – Yoga
8 pm – Light Dinner

Saturday, March 24th
Tea and Smoothies
9-10am – Check-in’s, Meditation, Journaling
10-11: 30 – Yoga
12- Satsang: Chakra Body / Archetypes of the Goddess within / Mudras
2 – Lunch
Break – Free Time
5-6 Sensual Chakra Dance
6 – Dinner / Journal
8-9 Statue Game / CompassionPuja

Sunday, March 25th
Tea & Smoothies
9-10 Circle Shares and Bija Sound Meditation
10 – Yoga
12 – Satsang: Purpose and Passion – Who are you? Art!
2-5 Lunch / Nature Adventure
5-6 Boundaries – Yes & No Workshop (chants) – Yoni Exercise
6 Dinner & Journal
8-9 Releasing Shame Ceremony / Good Gossip / Sister Support Circle

Monday, March 26
9-10 Circle Check-in’s
10 – Yoga
12 – Stasung: Power of Sexual Energy / Orgamsic Expansion / Kundalini Activations
2-6 Lunch and Mud Masks / Coffee Scrubs on the Beach / get ready for Goddess Feast!
8-10 Cocoa Ceremony / Dance Celebration ⭐️

Tuesday, March 27
9-10 – Circle Shares and hugs!
Smoothies and Tea
** Shuttles home **

For those staying there will be a Reiki Level 2 Atunement on the evening of the 27th for an additional $ 100.
For those staying longer there will be an outdoor Plant Medicine Ceremony on the 28th for an additional $ 50

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