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Wonder WOMEN:

Allow your Delicious Feminine Love into all avenues of your Life.

The word Bhakti is Sanskrit for Devotion.
Devotion to Spirit – to the essence of Love in all things – to the connection between this physical world and the ethereal one. I am a bridge between Heaven and Earth — a highly intuitive and psychic Goddess of the Healing Arts here to walk with you as you birth yourself into the person you’ve always imagined.

I have been a student of the Mystery Schools and Mysticism from early childhood and have taken courses all over the world. Deeply connected to my sixth senses — I have an incredible ability to support you wherever you are on your journey in order to get you the results you are looking for. I want you to have the yummy life of your dreams. I want you to feel radiant and beautiful from the inside out!

As women we have the sacred gift of creating life, creating harmony, and nurturing the world with our playful, feminine nature.

Are you feeling like you have become too masculine? Perhaps you are working all the time and feeling like you can’t even remember what relaxation is like.

With my help, you can remember a life full of freedom, passion, and pleasure!

Are you a wealthy and successful woman who is wondering, WHY am I not swimming in phone calls for dates?? Or Where has all the SPARK in my life gone? Girl, get back to your truth. You are deliciously divine, and an absolutely goddess to be adored. Wake up to your beauty, my dear! Let the fear ruling your life go — and step into your fully empowered first-class woman.

Have you had enough of living by society’s rules and are ready to be sovereign unto your own being — ruled by your own set of stands, letting your heart and womb guide you to the life you desire and deserve?

By journeying deep into the body to release any and all wounds you will reawaken to your inherent radiance, vitality, and bliss.

I am a women’s self-care goddess guru and I am here to support your personal metamorphosis.

Saying yes to your Juicy, Yumminess will not only catapult your love life into deeper dimensions of divinity, but will also support your family, your partner, and your business in THRIVING. Life is meant to be easy, fun, and free. It is possible to rewrite your history and take your world to the next level.

Through my online work we will find the root problem ruling your life and then reframe your thoughts to support you embodying the Queen that you are.

I have studied Tantra all over the word and have been a practicing Yogi and Dakini for ten years. I have the tools to help you realign to your highest good and am so excited to share this great work with you.

Or perhaps you are ready for a full lifestyle shift.
Attracting a new mate? Got it.
Want your business to thrive? We can make that happen.

It all starts with you and how you are feeling — thoughts create things. So let’s work on what is happening within your mind so that the love you are can be reflected back to you in magical ways.


Reach out to me to discuss my Luxury 1-on-1 week long sessions where I come into your life and help you relax, revamp, and rewrite your life into the one you’ve always imagined. The time is now and with my undivided attention we can make your already awesome existence even more out of this world.

Pleasure is your birthright. LOVE is your essence. The results are in — and it’s time that you are living your sensual sweetness, my sister.

Trauma happens. Hearts break. We absorb stories from our parents, our lineage, and yet you have everything you need to create a new world for yourself that is aligned with your purpose and passion, your values and your truth.

Are you ready to get real with yourself and live a life that you’ve only dreamed of up until now?


Contact me for a free hour call to dive into where you are in life,
where you want to be, and how I can help.

I’m here for you. I have been through Mordor and back and have taken the long road to living my dreams so that I can share how to quantum leap into the life you desire.

Remember: Waiting is a waste of time.

I look forward to working with you in order to cultivate more intimacy, more sweetness, and more delicious yumminess within.

Compassionate COUPLES:


Marriage counseling got you snoring? I bet. What about a fantastically juicy and interactive way to transcend those pesky personal problems with your partner and get back to the “honey-moon” era? Yes and more please.

Who actually thinks talking about their problems is helping them CHANGE their problems? I feel like it just pumps more life-force energy into them.. and we want to be using that stuff for what we DESIRE in life.. Love, Intimacy, Incredible Connection, Divine Union, Bliss, Compassion, Tenderness, Clear Communication.. Just to name a few.

Where attention goes — energy flows.

So, let’s get your attention into what it is that you are desiring in your sweet union so that you can go on to be the Power Couple you truly are.

Through different types of breathwork, incredibly sacred wisdom from all over the world, and tantric ceremonies to get you really diving deep into the deliciously Divine beings you and your beloved are — we can cultivate the relationship of your dreams.

And — we can use the orgasmic energy (life-force, eh) to actually help you both MANIFEST YOUR DESIRES more quickly.

More ease, more grace, more money — you name it, it is possible.

Are you running successful companies and wondering what the heck happened to you and your partners love life?

Or maybe you are really loving how delicious your love life is and yet are looking for more depth, more connection to the divine.

Reach out to me and let’s have a conversation together. Where are you in your life and where do you see your partnership heading? We can discuss what my work is and how I can assist you in having the partnership of your dreams. I’m here to help.

I have personal online programs available, luxury vacation packages available, and can even come to you. It’s you and your partner’s time to shine.

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