Balance and Flow – My Personal Retreat
February 8, 2018

The moon is full and I’ve given myself permission to stay up late.

I did take a nap today — two actually. One by the pool after a long talk with my girlfriend at the beach. We discussed our next ventures, love, and life. How sometimes we believe in Monogamy and sometimes we wonder if we might not just be monkeys looking for love (lust).

^More on that in a moment — please remind me.

OH yes, my naps. I took two. One by the pool, where I gently allowed myself to camouflouge like I was on vacation, and the second, in a Goddess Pod out back. Both were very potent. I am making my sleep time more and more intentional. Asking for advice, and of course, always staying open to the healing from my interdimensional friends while I rest.

Oh yes.

^That^ Is all some interesting “me” making it “ok” for me to be up at 2 am. As though I’m not professional enough because I’d rather be with moon and the cat outside than be sleeping. Sometimes. Only sometimes. I truly do appreciate a solid sleep cycle. 5 am rises me with the bird’s song and an evening in feels like home. Comfy. Cyclical.

Tonight though, before I head back to the communal space, I knew I needed me time. Here I am. And here is what I’ve learned.

1. Romance.
I’ve been on an inner journey of understanding whether I can have 1 partner or if I need multiple for 10 years now. I come from a strong tantric lineage and believe that monogamy is the way for me. I have one partner to alchemize and build with.

YES, and. These are my two key words.

I am monogamous, and I love to play.
I am only available to make love and be in Divine Union with one soul who flickers the same light as I, and I will still cuddle and caress those closest to me. I am committed to myself first and foremost. My human-mate next. And then to play.

I can absolutely have one partner who is in this to win this — while also having cuddle buddies that are very platonic and definitely not sexual.. Ok. Good job, Hannah. You can have that. So much around “leaking sexual energy” in community talk had me boggled down with confusion. I’ve come to a very clear boundary within myself. I can show others affection (male and female) and have a very strong monogamous relationship. I’m ecstatic. I get to play and celebrate my creative and flirtatious. We all do.

2. Rehabilitation
All this talk of the New Earth and it’s time to ascend and bla bla. I love it. I’m all in. 100% — put me on the spaceship, oh yea. I have vivid recollections (it’s all happening now anyways, right.) of being the captain of this incredible spaceship. We are traveling through the galaxies with our own Utopia. We visit other planets just to see the different colors of the sunsets.( Me and my people emanate peace, prosperity, and play.)

Anyways—^more on that later^
Clearly we are all still here.. I’m not wearing my fantasticly tight, yet breathable, galactic attire, we are not soaring through the galaxies at light speed— yet. (I mean, duh we are and that’s what this number 2 is about.)

The New Earth is here.
She’s always been here. Some of us have dreamed about Utopia for as long as we could read books and recognized the hypocristay in most religious practices, schools, and governments. We have always known (consciously or unconsciously) that this planet is Heaven. We can create anything we desire with our minds. We have eveything we need to enjoy being both human AND in a state of direct communication with God.

This is the New Earth. And some of us are awake and living in Heaven. And some of us need support —
We are all in this together, though, and we are definitely all coming out radiant as ever.. so. Take this time to rehabilitate yourself to the truth of your Divine Nature.

To the truth that you have everything you need.
To the truth that you desire and are actually TOTALLY Free.
That the only thing that dictates how you rule your own world is your thoughts, and then take control of those thoughts.

This world is prosperous, magical, beautiful, and perfect. I often times cry at the sheer magnificence of it all. If you are not shedding tears of joy for how precious you are and how precious this earth is, with all her magical inhabitants..

Have compassion for yourself.

You are rehabilitating. You’ve made it though. Heaven is here. You are Free. Reach out for support. Take a deep breath and find that still place within you that is absolutely sure.

For me, to remember and also support others in this transition is easiest to think of it as rehabilitating. I’m claiming that word back though. We are learning to live in a new habitat. Where all the news and lies and lack.. are fake. And the illusion is lifted. So we are re(doing it again)habilitating (to live in this prosperous and perfect heaven.) We are colonizing Heaven on Earth. To experience this beautiful orgasmic planet before heading off to whatever other galactic adventure we decide. Remember: we can always come back. It’s important though that we restore this planet to it’s proper Vibration.

Are you with me?
(I’m getting so much clarity on this subject right now. Also needing rest so please encourage me to write more on this whole – Earth is a Library of learning. I like to think of it, too, as a place where many different species can come and share human form in order to hybrid, explore, play, grow. Always grow. And glow, duh.)

Ok. Last it not leas.

3. Because I’m a human too.. even under all the Bodhisattva. AND I feel you brothers and sisters. I know for certain that I am on the forefront-fleet of epic humans waking up to their pleasure, their play, their passion, and their divine partnerships. I know this. *Imagine a whole fleet of celebratory people just cheering at how amazing a simple life on Earth is.*

AND — because we are all so connected.. sometimes I notice old paradigm behaviors..
Sometimes I find myself thinking about my problems and it’s gross. That is no way to see the field of Daisies. It’s like focusing on the little dog turds rather than all the fragrant flowers. Yuck. Get over the shit and run in the field of daisies. (It’s ok, there is a fun way out of this. Especially fun with a friend and giggles.)

Here’s the game:

If you know me, imagine for a moment me giggling— moon in my cinnamon, brown eyes, sweet syrup cascading from my lips as I speak..

Talking about all my problems. Talking about how much of a problem it is have everything I need. Talking about how much of a problem it is to have so many beautiful, amazing, delicious friends. Talking about how much of a problem it is that I’m constantly inspired and engaged by breath-taking beauty..

Yea. These “problems” are amazing and bring an instant smile to my face and a cheer in my heart. I love reframing my problems.
Honestly — do whatever you can in any moment of frustration to find a new story. To communicate something that you desire more than what you’re upset with. TO perpetuate truth. To see the Daisies past the small pile of shit. Ha.

There you have it. Transmission complete.
Thanks Full Moon.
I highly recommend each of you write down what you’ve accomplished so far this year and truly celebrate your FULLNESS

.I love you.


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