New Moon — New Year
January 17, 2018
Midnight Musings
March 31, 2018


Comes in many ways
In any form
When I consciously choose
To fulfill my soul

To bless my temple body with

Somedays I need a feast
Of fancy foods
And delicious elixir beverages

Other days
I require a fast
To cleanse my body
With sacred waters

For it takes giving to ourselves
In order to freely give to others

It requires we be full
And plentiful

So that we might glitter
Those around us
With Love.


Balance and Flow comes up for me strongly today.
I’ve been working in Costa Rica constantly.
Whether for someone else or my own company, I have been going hard.

I love it… I’m doing things I am very passionate about.
Massages with men and women from all over the world.

I am surrounded by Beauty — a beauty that reflects a self-love very strong.. resilient as a flower growing up out of the concrete — I have put much gentle effort into growing through the pavement of society’s norms towards the sun.

In this moment I sit on a bamboo patio next to a boutique store in the jungle that no one works at. When you might buy something you use the honor system and pay upon leaving. Imagine, paroozing shelves and taking what you need, writing it down on your own little memo card, and carrying on unit you check out..


I’ve gone on retreat with a beloved Sister of mine, Sofiah, and we are immersed in sacred ceremony. Held by the jungle and a community of brothers and sisters all magnetized to this place with a common passion — Growth. Evolution. Inner-Standing. Freedom.

What an absolute gift to have given myself Permission to Pause. To rest in the healing arms of another after giving so much for the last four months. Here and now, I find myself signing up for massages, drinking plant medicine, journaling, painting, and connecting with others who are on their own magical journey’s back home – home to their hearts.

And it feels so good.

As Kundalini Rising gets closer and closer — my retreat I am hosting in March – I absolutely knew I needed to give myself the same experience of being held.. For all of us are constantly in the flow of being teachers and students.

So, here I am, letting the role of space holder go so that I might surrender into the receiving end.. and learn even more – strengthening even, my ability to hold space. What a brilliant dance of life.

These sort of investments in the safe area always worth it. Seeing where I am holding myself back and witnessing others who have walked similar paths who are so ready and available to be the wind beneath my wings..

Transformation might not alwaysa be easy
Sometimes downright scary!
And yet, when we go to the right places
And we listen to the song of our hearts
And we find the song in the Earth to match it

We often times end up in Paradise.
Here I am today, held by love, surrending my old stories
So that I can embody even more of my true identity!

Layer after layer – I shed and release

As I step into my balance and flow.

I’m headed to get my own Akashic Record Reading and a massage. So excited to receive in the ways I love to give! And Excited to share all the love that is over flowing from me when I get back home.. Wherever that ends up being 😉

Check out my retreat March 23-27

Together we can consciously create the life of your dreams.
Release the baggage
And let your light shine!

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