Childhood healing
December 23, 2017
Balance and Flow – My Personal Retreat
February 8, 2018

New Moon Blessings 🌘🌑🌒
Oh sisters, how inspired I am by our golden thread of connection — near and far!
Last night during our New Moon gathering at Danyasa we planted the seeds of our desires into our wombs and breathed life into them through meditation and sharing.

I had recently been really confused and feeling uninspired. Not because I didn’t know what direction to go in life, but rather because I couldn’t remember “WHY” exactly I was going that direction. The why is more important to me than anything. Teaching tantra is more than just getting embodied, learning about our connection to emotions and how they imprint on our bodies — it’s a path of EMPOWERMENT and Freedom.
I had forgotten my own story and all the women in my lineage that I was doing the work for.

Then we had the Goddess Gathering last night and I found my why!
I am so in love with supporting women as they traverse this Earth Plane back to their Perfect Power and Priestess Presence.

It’s because that’s exactly what I needed my whole life and wished for.
Let me explain:
My sister @shera_speaks_light has a great message today that helps me share. She states,
“Stories are a way for us to leave our legacy behind. We look into our past lives, our ancestors past lives and we hear enchanted stories of the lessons they learned through their life experiences. Stories are the method through which the mystery of the universe is shared. Today, look into the stories we are telling and sharing. The stories of our past are the fertile soil for our futures.”

Are the stories I tell disempowering me or evolving me?

That’s exactly the medicine. My story growing up involved witnessing my mother and grandmother experience a lot of disempowerment. They did not speak of womens rights nor did they speak up for their rights. They weren’t available to support me in my radical self-expression or celebrate my sensual sexuality. We never got to discuss sex, pleasure, or even what following my own dreams looked like — for them it was very ‘cookie-cutter.’ Grow up, go to school, get married to someone who will support you, take care of the family.

Which reminded me why I love supporting women. My story pushes me towards evolution for myself and those around me. I remember why it is so important we come together as women to share our sorrows and support each others dreams. I remember why I challenge myself to grow, to shine, to love even more deeply each moment. It is for my mother and grandmother who haven’t gotten the chance yet. It is so our children will get the chance to be who they wish without any harsdships. I am so excited for all the retreats I have cultivated and now I am ready to put my work out there.

Thank you @maiyogadelight for hosting such a beauty*full evening. For @sofiahthom for her unconditional support, love, and space to hold such events. For @danyasa_yoga_retreat because the space there is magical and transformational.

For all my sisters who have shared laughter, giggles, tears, sorrows.. @gaea_lady @amberhagberg @lightenupenergy @tigerlilymoon @saraswati.jewel @amandaruberto @moderngoddesslifestyle @shera_speaks_light

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