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April 16, 2017
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November 15, 2017

*BackGround Story*

I’m staying at my friend’s house in Chicago while they enjoy the Regional Burn “Lakes of Fire.” They have two adorable cats who I am watching. Such cuddly bliss is happening over here and I wake up to warm furry friends each day. The soft coats beckon me to touch while the cute meow’s let me know that the kitties are hungry.


So, after my morning routine of feeding, brushing, taking care of myself.. I head to the litter boxes to do some clean up. There I have this interesting stream of consciousness pour through me. Here’s what came through:

Some cats are outdoor cats and some stay inside. The cats that live outdoors easily use the restroom in potted plants or behind trash cans in alleys.. These cats tend to be more independent. They come and go as they please — often times adventuring throughout the day and coming home for some TLC and food when it suits them. A main difference of indoor and outdoor cats is.. the litter box.

Ask I am scooping the litter box I start thinking about humans and kids because I feel like this cat’s bathroom needs are very dependent on me. I clean up the poop so they can continue to use the box. I feed the cats or else they don’t eat (unless a spider here and there counts). I recognize the cats give me love and affection– something very important.. I wonder if I wasn’t feeding and cleaning up after them if they would though? So here’s the question.

Did we as humans create animals that “need” us so that we can ensure their reciprocated love?

Does this happen in children?
I grew up in a turbulent home. There was a lot of narcissism and codependence coming from my mother. (I’ve healed a lot of those wounds and love my mother very much.) I still wonder though– did she create a life for me where she was indespensible so that I would always be around to love her? Was she so afraid that I would leave if she wasn’t “needed.”

I suppose we are all dependent on one another in little (sometimes big) ways.. so where does the line between co-dependence and inter-dependent exsist?

Boundaries. Boundaries comes up for me. When we are taught to be empowered enough to do for ourselves.. and then from that place accept the loving – kindness fro others..! Wow, that is a recipe for success. Knowing I can take care of myself and then realizing I don’t have to do it alone because I have people in my life who I want to treat (and be treated by) makes so much of a difference.

So, here is to creating more empowered young ones, more empowered men and women, so that we can all take care of ourselves and then OFFER that loving kindness to others in an unattached way — that’s a big key word too. When we give from a place that’s unattached it makes both parties feel free to do what is best and right for them. There’s no feelings of debt or expectation.

mmm! I’m so happy to have had this huge insight from cleaning up the cat litter. Haha

Cheers to loving more, giving more, receiving more.

Cheers to empowered people with good hearts.

Cheers to the connection and inter-dependence we all share.



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