See you later, Koh Phanang
February 26, 2017
Newly graduated Tantra Facilitator!
April 8, 2017

Welcome, Friends,

It’s been a minute since I’ve posted on here because I have been knee deep in oceanic waves of emotional healing and ecstatic bliss. After I left Koh Phanang I went to Bali and met up with a group from the School of Tribal Tantra for a Tantric Facilitator course in the north of Bali. Full on experience we are talking! We are staying at a resort (Gaia-Oasis) that is full service, surrounded by beauty, and pretty isolated.  There were many moments when I really wanted to abandon the education and just taksi down to Ubud for freedom, yet the energy and tools I am learning to navigate intimacy and open relationships is something unfathomably usefull.

I’ve cried, been angry, felt ecstasy, all within seven days of getting to know these 16 other people. We are truly becoming a family — a family that I never had before! So much clear communication, loving each other through the bullshit and celebrating all the good shit! HA.

So anyways, I’m just checking in because we’ve just landed at the new Clear Cafe in Ubud and it’s GORGEOUS. Not like the other clear – it’s like an experiential cafe that supports relaxation and health and I am blessed – and I’m settling into my body and the idea of actually traveling with a bunch of people.. I’m so used to being alone that so much interaction is new for me in being able to ask for what I need and also honoring when I need to take space. Phew!

I have plenty more to talk about but wanting to stay present with the others.


OK! I’m exploding – here I go 🙂

SO– I’m so spiritual I’ve created a separation with people when the reality is that I can be very spiritual, need personal space, and also still maintain helathy relationships where everyone is enjoyed. This came up because I like to wake up and have at least 10 minutes of meditation, peace and calm. I’ve noticed that not everyone does that and they want to share or talk and WOW it makes me so upset to wake up into energy like that. I cried this morning in frustration because I value silence and peace. I value presence and peace. I value rest and rejuventation and want to be quiet and give God and my day intent. It’s ok that my practice is deep — I can have my own personal depth and also get the people time I need.

I’m so grateful for this lesson – this new belief and understanding in my life! <3

With that I’ll let you go. I love you. In grace. 


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