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February 23, 2017
March 7, 2017

I arrived on Koh Phanang February 8th after a short stint in Bangkok. I had never riden a ferry, seen river dolphins, or driven a motorbike. All that has changed now.. and maybe a bit more. 😉

When I got off the boat, I had already made a few new friends on the ferry although I never met up with them again. Seems like we were on different journeys – same island. That’s a powerful message. This island has it all, sex, drugs, spirituality.. partying, peace, play. We all take the same ferry boat but what we choose once we arrive is up to us. I’m so grateful that I chose health, wellness, vibrancy that comes from the beautiful sweet light of Truth deep within my being.

I’ve spent a lot of time over the last couple weeks growing, glowing, and evolving; through yoga, workshops, friendships, and communing with the land, I am surely leaving this island a better version of myself – with more understanding and a whole lot of compassion.

I have swam naked, sung songs of praise loudly, and hugged so many beautiful souls that even reminescing on this makes me cry tears of joy. My heart is opening to all that is and as I surrender to the pleasure of living life in harmony with myself I know that it only gets better from here. Naysayers, please just hold your backlash! I am not saying that life is perfect – not at fucking all! The path is still filled with valleys and peaks — I just know the terrain well and understand how to hold my head high through all of the ups and downs. The pain isn’t as sharp, the highs not as hard to come down from.

I came to this island for a retreat that got canceled. The retreat got me here though and this chain of events has gifted me a whole new journey and breadcrumb trail of bliss to follow.

Last night I soared through the mountains on my motorbike headed to a sweat lodge and to sing Kirtan. I was up late for Mahashivrati and up again early just to be with the ocean, collecting sea shells for art projects — knowing our water mother loves when we use her creations to embelish the world further. I am tired and my body yearns for more sleep but I know that it is my last day and to be in bed would be a disservice to the land and my heart. I will be back here soon. Places like this remind us to get up and be excited for life. How can we create a world in which we are so eager to get out of bed because we know there’s so much goodness waiting on the other side of our sleep cycle? It’s taken me years but the time has come for me to fully step into my power, my yes, my dream life. I am here and I am ready to fly free, so free like the birds and the bees.

This island gave me so much and I left peaceful footprints, songs of love and joy, and a lot of laughter here. I am so blessed. I am so blessed that I had faith to take the first steps and get myself to a new place. Now that place is leading me to Bali! Bali, my first love, the island of the Gods.

I must admit when I went to get my yoga teacher training I really thought that was my “one trick” moment. I thought, maybe that’s all the traveling I do? Maybe I got my Bali experience and now I suffer back at home for the rest of my life.. I suppose someone can only have so much goodness..
Thanks the heavens I was wrong. And oh how I have such compassion for that belief.. That we can only have so much goodness? Wow, what a world I had lived in to think that a crumb of joy was all I deserved. This trip shows me that pleasure and happiness is infinite; it’s our beliefs that only let the water trickle in — or waterfall all over us.

So, today I say goodbye to Koh Phanang, knowing I will be back oh so soon to dive into the waters of the ocea, practice more kundalini yoga, and meet all of the other kindred spirits who silently whisper “yes” to their hearts and follow their nose whereever their hearts lead them. I suppose it does take a warrior of love to withstand the challenges and tribulations that come along when you really abandon your cage, open up your wings, and in blind faith fly to heaven.

Ah. Time for a nap on the beach. See you in Bali.



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