February 17, 2017
See you later, Koh Phanang
February 26, 2017

Oh what a Beautiful Day! I’ve been awake for four hours already on this Terrific Thursday and I have experienced such magic in surrending to peace and quiet.

Since arriving on the island I have been going nonstop. Whether it was one workshop or the other — I have felt like I’ve been on a strict schedule for the last week + but still when the opportunity for another workshop arose, I nearly dove right in again. Gratefully I had the intuition to consult the Akasha. I text my friend, Michelle Colemen ( and we set something up this morning. With the time change I had to be up quite early and I feel grateful that I started my day with her. I wanted to share the message that came through.

The work is done. Surrender and receive, allow yourself to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor. WOW! I’ve been so enamored with the idea that I could ‘workshop’ my way to enlightment or the next perfect and golden oppourtunity that I totally forgot about all the work I had done the last six months to get to this moment.. this moment! The one where I relax and listen to the waves of the beach, sleep in, drink coconuts, and breathe beautifully knowing that the yoniverse provides when I open up and allow myself to receive. That’s big.

So, rather than rush off to another six hour workshop for the next three days (and I’m only here for four more) I took a deep breathe (more like 30) and headed out to the beach to flow and glow. Immediately I was washed over with beauty. The ocean, so clear, so salty and purifying, my teacher, my mother.. She beckoned me with her teal waters and waves of white. I took a moment to stretch and sing, and then stripped down to my birthday suit to step into her cleansing arms.

I swam in circles and under the water, feeling the salty waves hold my body the nurturing womb of a mother pregnant with child. I relaxed into the time I had and allowed myself to relish the moment. I made it. The work was done. There’s no more to do, just allowing myself to BE present with the nature, the sky, the ocean, the faeries of this land.. They are here to commune with me when I rest and relax. They are here to teach me and encourage me on my way if only I settle down, slow down, and breathe. Even that sentence gives me chills and heightens my sensitivity to the unseen. Mmm!

Now I have time to ease into my next retreat – a month long Tantric Practitioner Intensive in Bali! What a wonderful way to transition from island to island. I intend on taking all the free classes I can, paddle boarding, and collecting and sharing ideas with all the sweet new friends I have made.

How blessed!

Oh, and when I was swimming in the ocean this man was playing the most awe-inspiring music from his guitar/sitar? I thought it was from a computer it was sooo perfect! It truly was a scene from a movie.. and that movie is my life.

More soon.

In Grace.

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