Surat Thani
February 7, 2017
Rest and Relax
February 23, 2017

Hey, Happy Humans. It’s been a few days since I’ve written because there’s so much to do and it’s island time so even a few hours of classes a day is.. a lot! Right now (during the Tantric Retreat) my mornings are spent practicing spiritual commitments, and either running or swimming in the ocean. Then I get to class by 8:30 am and spend the morning learning about an aspect of femininity in relation to the Tantric Path. We get a break in the middle of the day before we head back to class at 5 pm.  “Lunch is usually spent with our ‘sister of the day;’ swimming, shopping, connecting and cuddling. It seems like there would be plenty of time to accomplish more but for some reason my days are not as cohesive as I want.. yet. Once the retreat is done and I can be on my own time I envision much more video-making, photography, and yoga.

No need to get too far into the future, though. Day 5 of my Tantric Workshop and we are focusing on the Anahata Chakra. The classes have been absolutely transformational and I am SO excited to share all I have learned with women in the states.

For the first time in a while, I truly feel aligned with this work. I’ve always been hardcore into yoga but this path is glitterally made for me.. Or rather I was made for it. Tantra. White Tantra. Using the body and worldly realm to gain spiritual enlightment.. uhhh, hello. Divine! Purrfect. Have my cake and eat it, too? Why, yes.. and all of my sisters and brothers will have what I am. Just kidding, I would never force anything on anyone but I will definitely share with all who show interest. Today had me in tears twice. Beautiful, salty tears running down my face as I smile after being told ‘I love you’ over and over and over. Then, a second time during Kirtan.. singing to the Mother Goddess. Again, ELATED over here because I”ve found my dharma; my dharma is living through me. I have become the channel for the Divine to breathe more life into the world.

A quote from a passage in Mark Nepo’s, A book of Awakenings:

“ becomes clear that the very energy of life is the spirit being released by things being what they are..”

How divinely aligned (such is life), that this be the meditation for today, the day that I learn about love and recognize how Tantric my practice has been for so long.. AND TO THINK that on the way here I was worried because I wasn’t sure what my path was.. I had become, dare I say, bored with my practice.. and WA-LA!!! Ask and you shall receive, a perfectly planned (unbeknownst to me) trip that includes all of me.. all of the me society had tried to discourage and cover up with a “good girl image” -ha.

So, here I am in a bungalow by the beach, listening to Jurassic 5 on the stereo, friends from all over the world relaxing in the same high vibes atmosphere, while the ocean sends sweet kisses to the shore – again.. and again… and again.

Oh. And I’m leaving for a Vipassana in Malaysia end of February and then Bali again for a sacred ritual dance retreat.. Woah. Seriously all my favorite things.

I get to take some credit (although all the real credit goes to Shakti herself for giving me the opportunity to live this magical and mysteroiusly divine life).

I do get some credit because it was my thoughts and my ability to surrender to the truth of who I am.. which is deserving, perfect, vibrant, thriving, and whole. If we let our Monkey Minds take the lead we end up in the same pattern, walking down the same dark road.. again and again.. and again.

SO! Cheers to waking up and walking up to the door between you and your YES, you and your dreams — and opening the door. Take the first step and walk into the life you imagine. I love you. I believe in you.

As for now, I’m gonna finish my papaya and tea.. go take a cold shower.. and see what’s good on the island. Much Love and All the Magical Bliss.

Kiss Kiss.

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