February 4, 2017
February 17, 2017

Wow! I am on cloud 9. Let me share a bit about my evening/morning.

I’ll start with the here and now.
I just boarded a train to Surat Thani.. Surat Thani! I’ve never even heard of this place but here I am, on a train headed there. It’s 8:15 in the morning, the sun beams through my window and my reflection looks back at me full of love and clarity. So much growth has happened in these first couple of days. Again, near tears ((Haven’t had the space to really let the waterworks flow, but soon!)) and I am overwhelmed by the beauty and grace of this Earth, this time, this spectacular yoniverse.

Where do I even begin?? Let’s start with the facts.. I woke up around 6:30 to get ready and head out; luckily, all my stuff was packed the night before. I was a bit unclear about whether to head to Chiang Mai or Surat Thani because a room is available up North for very inexpensive.. I needed to start my journey though so I did my best to push those thoughts aside. Why question something before its time, yea?

So, after hugging my flatmate, I walked out of the apartment in the direction I knew was MRT. I walked like a child, like the little engine that could, repeating “I can do this, Spirit’s got my back” until I was comfortable enough to follow through. Thank the heavens no taxi picked me up because the feeling of accomplishment is really delicious, especially after such a valley of uncertainty. I really had no idea what path to choose. I stopped at the New Yorker – a 24 hour cafe – where a kind ex-pat and I struck up conversation. He’s from Milwaukee and live in BKK now that he’s done with the army. We talked about how free we feel traveling and that we both have families that don’t necessarily understand our yearning to experience other parts of the world. He was tattooed and friendly which was quite the blessing. I sipped my coffee and paroozed the internet maintaining a calm demeanor although I was still.. confused. I noticed a friend of mine had posted how clear I look after seeing some photos I posted online although pondering this for a moment I decided it was true. I am clear.

I am a clear channel for the divine. That’s part of what this trip is about. It dawned on me. I’m here to gain clarity on my company and how to brand myself and serve others. Well, part of my story, a major part, is surrender to the divine. We – the yoniverse and I (or all of us!) are co-creating our experience. The more we acknowledge this energy/this divine essence the easier it is to co-create. SO! let me get back to the story..

I sit and drink my coffee.. Slowly. I really have decided that making the earliest train (8am) is not necessary and that I have no idea where I “should” go so why rush there, right? I finish my coffee, pay, and tell Aaron thank you for his kindness. He pointed me in the direction of the MRT (definitely not the way I was going to head so this was very kind of him) and off I went with a renewed excitement for the unknown. While sipping my coffee I had realized I don’t need to know everything. My part in the divine play of life is to have an idea and stay excited — keep my thoughts aligned with the outcome/ the feeling of joy/excitement/relief/gratitude. So, off I went to find the metro and make my way to the train station.

I hadn’t even checked the time after getting my MRT token and following the signs to the train station. It was really easy and thank goodness I left in the morning because carrying my bags in the middle of the day heat would have been excruciating. The MRT was a breeze and so much less expensive than a cab! I easily made my way to the railway and followed the signs to the train station. I was seriously brimming with excitement! Grateful for the coffee bean medicine and my new understanding of “going with the flow” and letting the yoniverse and I work together.

At the train station I walked up to the teller and asked for trains to Surat Thani — although my phone said 8:04 and the train was to leave the station at 8:05 — the woman insisted I take the train.. Well, my plan had been to come and ask for the earliest first class ticket to anywhere (Chiang Mai or Surat Thani) but the yoniverse was obviously giving me a different plan.. I knew I didn’t want to sit around the train station with my bags; it felt right to jump on the train. I nervously bought the ticket saying to her.. it’s 8:06 what if it leaves!? She ran out of the ticket window and held the train for me.. WOW! I jumped on and settled in, truly in awe of the power of Spirit. Ya’ll I glitterally stopped for coffee, stopped to take photos, stopped to breathe! and yet I still made the 8 am train to Surat Thani. All I really wanted was to sit window side and take in the views of a new land.. and that’s exactly what I got. I don’t need first class (all the time) and I’m feeling so free and full of faith that this is where I need to be.

Here’s the moral of my experience. I knew this was an opportunity to create with Spirit. So if this path was the easiest and clearest who am I to resist? Stay open. I had prayed and set the intention quite clearly that I would follow the guidance of goddess, knowing that this great essence would lead me to the answers, people, and love that I was such a magnet for. Even in the ‘darkness of confusion’ I was perfectly safe and had the opportunity to surrender and be held by my great Mother Spirit- the nurturing and perfect essence of Life. We intuitively know how and what to do even when we can ‘see.’

I was ready to go to Chiang Mai and put my stuff in a room, but I realized that I didn’t even really want to stay in that room. I want to stay somewhere gorgeous with views or maybe with other people — I don’t know yet! I’ll know when I need to.. for now I know I have twenty more days before Vipassana and I get to be on an island for some of it with a pole and lyra, other fantastic human beings, and I get to learn about myself, make videos, and muse about my company.

I’m a go-go type of girl.. Let’s get somewhere and settle in! That’s what I’m doing. It feels liberating to be on my own again.
About the company — I’m realize a lot of it will be about surrendering to the divine and learning to co-create with Spirit to allow the best path to appear. Which is crazy cool because I’ll be proving this theory on my trip, over and over again. I already feel like I am gaining more clarity and understanding on what I offer to others and I can only offer it because I have experienced it. AHO! Signing off for now so that I can take in more of the country. So blessed to have you reading along.

In grace,

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