Terminal 5 Thailand Bound
February 2, 2017
Surat Thani
February 7, 2017

Here I am, sitting in the Black Canyon cafe having just ingested a rather strong espresso feeling so alive and so grateful. I stopped in after going for a stroll through Bangkok to see what kind of deals I can get on new eye-glasses and contacts. (Epic deals by the way).

I stopped into a Pink Pony hair salon to get my undercut refreshed and am loving that I just spent 3 dollars on it, plus I got to witness the locals in action. The shop was no wider than 10′ and went back only a few yards. Pink everywhere. She did a fantastic job.

I’ve officially been here 24+ plus hours so wanted to get a good journaling session in before more shenanigans. My arrival was so easy and the apartment I’m staying at is very centrally located. Shayna (my host/friend) is wonderful — she’s at work right now — and later we will go out with one of her flat mates. There are 4 or 5 people in the flat, all unique, all from different countries, all super friendly. Again, I feel like I won the lotto. There’s this wonder*full park right across the highway and I have already spent hours there walking, stretching, praying, and well.. crying tears of joy.

I’ll elaborate. I had my akashic record read before my trip and it was very potent for me. The faeries of Thailand were excited to have me here so I knew to get close to the land and pray, set intentions, upon arrival. Immediately after dropping my bags off and putting on my most favorite Balinese clothes (very simple and flowy onesie) I went out to kneel on the earth and pray. There’s a pool and small patch of grass at the apartment so I nestled onto the Earth and spoke a prayer aloud before heading to the park. Woah. Getting to the park I really wanted to go back home — being in a new place is a bit scary at first — but I continued to urge myself on down the path. I am so blessed I did! I found a buddha statue tucked away with incense, flowers everywhere, workout equipment, swans you can paddle boat in.. I ended up walking around the whole “lake.” It was so sweet being able to witness my mind want to go home to the apartment because it’s safe there, but I know better. Stepping outside the comfort zone is the name of the game and it was oh so worth it.

I posted this quote on facebook earlier: What we reach for may be different but why we reach is the same.

My parents are Christian but I have alwaysy been fascinated with Buddha Nature.. with temples and yoga, incense, and chanting. Being here has reminded me that we are all looking for the same inner peace and regardless of what vessel that comes in — as long as we take the action to inquire deeply within ourselves — we will be rewarded. {Even as I typed that I got the electric buzz of Spiritual Energy running through me!}

I’m so blessed. A few years ago I surrended a lot of who I “thought I was” for a woman I dreamed of becoming. I have sacrificed a lot, but now I realize how perfect the whole journey was.. and still is! I’ve become the woman of my dreams and it only gets better each day.

It doesn’t matter whether your path involves prayer, Jesus, Buddha, dance, songs, writing, reading.. Devote yourself to something. Awaken to the truth! We are vessels of Love for Love. All one people, all breathing the same air, wanting the same things: Peace, Love, Joy.  How you can embody your own truth even more today? What can you dedicate yourself to that in one month, two months.. a year — you will look back and be grateful that you commited to? I love you. I’m rooting for us; all of us.

I definitely didn’t get to this place by myself. I let Spirit support me and my heart guide me and so can you. Namaste.

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