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January 28, 2017
February 4, 2017


I just got to the airport and as Meghan Trainor would say in her song, “NO,” I am feeling — Untouchable, untouchable..

It took a while for me to get to this place but I’m sure glad I’m finally feeling it. The past week has been full of anxiety, stress, overwhelming moments, peaceful moments, and a little bit of serenity. Took the excitement long enough to show up 🙂 Alas, the joy is here (interesting the sun came out today, too) and I’m at the airport waiting to board my flight.

I’ve never taken a red-eye anywhere. I arrived to the airport super early thinking there would be long lines but there is NO ONE here. SCORE. All the security is angelic, too. Everyone is super personable and fun. We are getting along great, talking about international travel and ‘bucket lists.’ I glitterally flew through security checkpoints like I was a mutha’lovin’ butterfly (which I am, duh) and have settled into my own little nook to charge my phone and write. –boom sha ka la ka boom–

I was so busy today that I didn’t even turn any music on because I tend to end up just dancing around my apartment when I jam out. So, I’m enjoying some upbeat pop music and stretching on the ground in terminal 5. Oh, terminal 5!  how I dreamed about you for so long as a teen and young adult. I suppose I did travel to Jamaica those two times.. for some reason those trips felt different than now. Oh. I know why.. those trips were basically flights to the airport and then a shuttle to a resort to party. ha. Still major amounts of fun (( just in case anyone out there ever wants to invite me again. **wink wink – nudge nudge**

This is different, though. So many feels. So much planning. (Does planning to not have a plan count??) A girlfriend reminded me that this is more of a pilgrimage than a vacation. Obvs! Leaving for three months with half a plan and a whole lot of faith that this is the right thing to do right now.. Ha. I’m definitely counting on Spirit and my Heart’s Truest Desires to lead the way.

Traveling alone is everything. Traveling alone is my greatest medicine. I feel so independent but the truth is: traveling alone teaches me the truest dependency ever. Independent; trusting my intuition is an absolute must. Dependent; having friends and staying open to the universe’s blessings is an absolute must. The most beautiful mix of give and take, ebb and flow.

Anyways, I’ve been at the airport an hour and love it. Dancing – writing – stretching.
My shoes were off immediately and I have these fantastic wireless head phones so everything is charging while I bop around! I suppose I could start my taxes (( I seriously packed all my receipts so I could settle everything with the government from last year )) but I feel like I want a strong cup of coffee to accomplish that accounting and it’s nearly 11 pm which means sleep is eminent on the airplane. I got a window seat and everything.
Hmm.. I’m gonna go do some crunches. I just started a 30 day booty challenge and figured I might as well do the same amount of crunches. I do the squats in the AM and the crunches in the PM sooo here I go.

last thing! I really like “journaling” more than blogging so I’m going to use the site as my way of writing and being in touch with more people at a time than simply sharing my story over and over again individually.. that being said, what do you think is too much info? Is going all out and sharing all the sweet deets more fun?? Or maybe I keep some stuff for just my friends.. hmm, I’ll marinate on it and until then.. see you in 3 months, dear ones!


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