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January 24, 2017
Terminal 5 Thailand Bound
February 2, 2017

WOW! The time is coming so near for my trip to Thailand and I am lit at the fact that it’s all coming together so well. The fundraiser for local artist’s is tonight – the tea lounge is complete and looking fantastic (will take/post photos later) – I’ve got things squared away with my subletter (he is such a champion friend!) and — my heart is open and I have surrended to ease and grace as my path unfolds ever so beautifully before me.

I spent the morning at Kickboxing and then a 75 minute vinyasa flow class and I must say, I am quite the energetic one! I love being in my body and doing new things that challenge me. Today in yoga my practice was better than ever before and I truly notice that whenever I am able to take on more challenging postures I am also growing in ways off the mat.

Like this trip! and the fundraiser! and stepping into this new phase of womanhood! I’m here and I am showing up in a really solid way and I’m so grateful my practice is strong because it is what supports me throughout my waking moments. I go to yoga at least once a day and sometimes kickbox onn top of that. I take dance classes at night. I write and journal about gratitude and I am spending more and more time through out the days breathing and meditating. I feel so vibrant.

At times I do experience fear or contractions/emotional releases — but I KNOW to just let those feelings flow through to make way for the more expansive and freeing feelings of joy and bliss.

I surrender. I allow love to guide me. I become the light. I am!

I love you — I’m so excited to be on this journey and I’m wanting to know — what does your path look like!? What do you wake up and smile about? Where are you headed and how did you get to where you are right now?

Like my good friend Brook Woolf said, “The better I am to myself thhe better I love you.”

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