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January 4, 2017
All One
January 24, 2017
“Take the first step in Faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”
                                                                                                          ~~ Martin Luther King Jr.
I spent all day with my family at the Children’s Museum in Chicago with my eldest sister, niece, and nephew. It is such a blazing, heart-opening experience witnessing little ones play, smile, and explore.. Goodness — there were probably a good 300 people spread about the three floors of adventure held within Navy Pier; people of all shapes, sizes, and colors.
All sorts of languages echoed within the museum as children ran around, curious as ever, discovering new things for themselves. All sorts of languages, dialects, and different people..
But each kid laughed the same and each kid definitely smiled similarly. I can go on to mention that the energy and exuberance emitted from each little one while they roamed through the areas of the museum was the same. BIG, Beautiful, Trusting, Pure, Joyful, Healing.
I’m grateful for all that MLK did for us.. the peaceful protests he inspired, the passionate displays of justice he lived.
I suppose if I hadn’t been at the museum today I wouldn’t have really had the opportunity to let his message sink in. Children have their innocence so things are so crystal clear when you witness all different ethnicities of Little interact with each other.
We are all One People, One Race, One Human Beings here to express and experience Love.
I may not know how to go about bringing the whole world into peace, but I know that I can recommit to taking the step of faith and living in peace for myself. I can emit peace and heal all places within me that resonate with fear knowing that the more LOVE I embody the more Love is prevalent on our sweet Mother Earth. And if I can do that within and for myself.. Maybe I can inspire those around me to do it for themselves – – just like MLK inspired so many before, just like MLK reminded me.
Ya know, when we take ourselves out of the “fight” for equality and justice.. when we just act justly and treat everyone (including all aspects/sides/light/dark/shadows/gray/elusive/vibrant… parts of ourselves) with equal parts of love…. Well, that’s going somewhere..
Didn’t Martin Luther King also say,
“Darkness cannot drive our darkness; only Light can do that. hate cannot drive out hate; only LOVE can do that.”
Folks, I just found a new role model. I am very aligned with all this man teaches. How do you resonate with MLK? today?? and everyday!?

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