Christmas Compassion
December 26, 2016
Martin Luther King Jr.
January 17, 2017

This morning as I lay in bed writing what I’m grateful for and my intentions for the day I had an epiphany.

Let me begin by mentioning how sometimes in life I feel like a living guru, the “downloads” – as I like to call them – come one day after the next and people tell me that what I’m saying is exactly what they needed to hear.. Other times I feel like I’m in a spiritual drought where there’s no new information, no core-shaking shifts! I’ve realized that these are the times when we are fully integrating all the lessons of love we need to anchor into the new consciousness we’ve been ascending towards. SO!

This morning, woohoo!, I got a new download and I’m so grateful to have the space to integrate this new wisdom. The jist of it is this: Awareness + Action = Highest Destiny.

First, a little back story. I’ve been on this path (whether knowingly or unknowingly..) my whole life. It wasn’t until my 22nd or 23rd year though that I really became anchored in meditation and awareness. I had always been a mover and a groover — I love taking acre of my body, stretching, yoga, dance — but once I began to sit with myself, recognize my thoughts, and understand the power behind them did I truly begin to settle into my Self. I capitalize that Self because it is my True Nature, my True Identity, my True Self.. not the persona or ego self that I picked up along the way from society, my circumstances, or environment.

Fast forward to the present day. I have a beautiful meditation practice, I teach and practice yoga daily.. SO, what next? When I was laying in bed this morning I really began to muse about where I see myself at the end of this year.. even in five years and I realized that YES, my awareness is on point! I congratulate myself because that’s a big deal. I also recognized that to get to my Highest Destiny I need to take more action. Not to say I’m not taking action already, but when I am aware and witnessing myself in each moment I have the opportunity to tune into that subtle sensation and that whisper of my angels that are there helping me walk the path of least resistance. Truly an A-ha moment!

Instead of sitting around wondering why things haven’t come to fruition or how to make things happen quicker I just need to take action when my body or intuition is telling me things. Can you relate? Can you sense when you’re doing something whether it is divinely aligned for you? or maybe you’ve taken a detour.. Which is still perfect.. and Godly.. But to fulfill our destiny, to live and breathe the dharma we are born to we must become Aware of the lives we are leading and then courageous enough to take Action towards the dreams we have in our hearts.

Good luck. I’m rooting for ya.

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  1. Jordan says:

    Beautiful. I can totally relate to what you talked about there at the end. I have the tendency to sit around thinking about what action I should take instead of just taking action and trusting the inspiration. It helps me to start every morning with a prayer for guided thought and action followed by a meditation…that morning ritual leaves me feeling trusting of the direction the spirit is guiding me. I enjoyed reading this ~ thank you! Can’t wait to read your other posts and start following your blog 🙂

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