The Ninth House

The 9th house of astrology is often referred to as the House of Philosophy. The sign ruled by the 9th house is Sagittarius. Everyone knows a Sagittarius values play, exploration, freedom, and authenticity. Sagittarians are often known for their wild and expressive behavior — living life on their own terms and always from the heart. As a Sagittarius, Hannah loves to explore the meaning of life and the different paths on how to live in alignment with Beauty, Truth, and Love. The 9th house is here to support anyone on their journey back hOMe to their true identities. The 9th house urges people to go on a fantastic voyage of personal discovery where they end up in their true Inner Shimmer, enjoying all of life’s greatest gifts — like peace, happiness, sensuality, deep connection, and love.


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This girl, opened my heart Chakra a bit more the moment we embraced after 7 years of not seeing each other. (We magically happened to be in Bali at the same time.) After enjoying one meal with her, my Kundalini energy was stimulated and flowing and I felt extremely creative, inspired, and energized. Kundalini energy is located at the base of the spine and when it awakens, it flows upwards through the Chakras, cleansing and purifying. It is a force of energy that can be used for creation or healing. In yogic theory, it is known as a primal energy and the awakening of this energy helps one move towards spiritual enlightenment. Thank you, Sister, Teacher, Friend. I love you and honor you!!

Allie McFee
Women’s Health Educator, Modern Goddess Lifestyle


  • Sedgwick
    My time with Hannah was special. Her warmth and connection seemed to be on a higher level than the humanity I encounter day to day. She is tapped into an energy source invisible to most. I’m fortunate to have received a taste of this energy, and continue to benefit from it now, three days after my time with her. I had been skeptical and cautious about claims of dakini powers, even after reading accounts of dakinis in Michaela Haas’ book Dakini Power. Hannah confirmed for me that humans can tap into a free, some may call cosmic, energy and channel it into their own heart energy, if they are brought to a place where it’s available. Hannah brought me there, and set me on an important path made possible only by gaining a sudden clarity about purpose in relation to time. For this I am very grateful.


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